CITCLOPS - Citizens’ Observatory for Coast and Ocean Optical Monitoring

Coastwatch in TCD is partner in an international EU cofounded research project called Citclops. Other project partners have developed an app to help citizens record and share water colour and transparency as indication of algal blooms.  We Coastwatchers across Europe are invited to use it and also to give feedback to help improve it.


1. To enable citizens’ participation in acquiring environmental data in coastal and oceanic areas through the use of existing devices, such as smart phones as sensors.

2. To develop improved low-cost sensors and systems for monitoring water colour, transparency and fluorescence, in a location-aware manner allowing for the analysis of spatial patterns.

3. To provide recommendations in sectors such as energy, transport, fisheries, health and spatial planning, interpreting collected data through artificial intelligence techniques.

4. To disseminate interpreted information to two kinds of users: citizens (individuals and associations) and policy makers (e.g. local administrations).

5. To produce applied results by developing: (1) new applications for mobile devices; (2) friendlier and more flexible user interfaces; and (3) social-networking capabilities to connect citizens and their associations to policy makers.