A request for Coastwatchers and others who use apps and will be near a shore in the next few weeks – please download and test our visible micro litter app. We designed this micro litter app to do three things:

1. Enable us to tell where what micro litter was observed when

2. Make people more aware of micro litter

3. Help identify and then tackle micro litter sources - from identifying plastic pellet spills at sea to places where micro litter is generated -boat yards- to locations where the sea shreds macro into micro litter.

We intend to use it in our autumn Coastwatch survey internationally, if you give it the thumbs up. But first it needs a test run to alert us to problems in how it works, text, or strange things which might happen when it’s used on your phone.  

If you have downloaded the app before August 31st please read this document.


Find Survey123 (for ArcGis) in your app store. Download it when you have internet connection.


When prompted provide the following: Username:Coastwatch  Password:Coastwatch123


Select the "Coastwatch Micro-litter Pilot App" and complete it!

Go to a shore, look for micro litter and use the app to get your location and take a photo, or if you are going on and doing the longer app version, then 3 photos.  The short version takes a minute. You have the option to complete extra questions which take about 3 min) .

App designed by Sara Domínguez.

MICRO-LITTER MAP (08/02/2017)

To be able to see the data for a point in the map you first have to click on the blue information icon (identify) on the top-left corner of the map. You can also see the full page map clicking here.

Summary of results (last updated 08/02/2017)