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Categories of video or photo are particularly useful for our Coastwatch survey:

1. Special: fish in a stream, otter footprint, a honeycomb worm reef, sea grass, an amazing patchwork of habitats etc. Catch these with photos or short video(s), upload and add any extra information. Purpose: 1. Celebrate the richness of our shores 2. Inform shore users to prevent damage.

2. Action: structural damage to a sea wall, a raw sewage discharge, oil pollution, a dump or infill, defunct materials in the intertidal, a spot where the sea has pooled litter… Your images assist planning the logistics of action.

3. ID: not sure what you found? Carefully video or photograph the animal, plant, feature or object and a marker to locate it again. Use for strange containers & ammunition.

4. Litter and waste: the large, common and strange and the micro-litter little pieces and pellets you might find. A picture for our exhibition & for feedback on the marine directive (Add object to help gauge scale for small items).

5. You the Surveyors: One nice surveyor shot, with names would be great for exhibition and use in credits collage.

6. Baseline: e.g. – stand on a vantage point and photograph down the splashzone and shore to low water. Then repeat in the opposite direction, standing at low water and taking a shot back to show the shore up as far as the vantage point or higher. A third may cover shore users and signs of use like tracks of humans and of wildlife. Future surveyors can repeat the exercise and view changes in land and shore use.