Coastwatch Survey Booking

The Coastwatch Survey 2018 is now over. The next Survey will start on September 15th, 2019.

Once you have chosen your area (see map) please book it using the form below. We will mark these on the Coastwatch map, so other surveyors chose different sites.

Nitrate/Nitrite test kits: If you are planning to survey 2 or more survey units we can post water test kits to you (subject to availability). Please give your postal address.

You can find all the materials and info you need to do the survey here.

NB – Many who have surveyed in the past have remarked that the first unit ever took quite a lot of time, but then the second ‘next door’ was easy and quick. So you might book two adjacent sites for one survey outing. A whole 5km ‘block’ of 10 survey units, or even bigger an inlet or bay make a good group project.

THE NEXT SURVEY WILL START ON SEPTEMBER 2019. The booking form will be available here. If you have any queries, please email us at

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