All Ireland Coastwatch survey 2015- results out!

Draft results are now available  for the All Ireland Coastwatch autumn shore survey 2015!  Click here to download these.

Coastwatch coordination would like to thank everyone who participated for the huge effort and valuable data submitted!!!!

While we continue to follow up on some issues raised by surveyors and also  verify discoveres of sea grass beds and rare species so that these locations can be logged as top value citizen science information with surveyor names, we ask you  to:

–            Corrections, additions and comment by email to  on this first draft of the results by January 31st,

–            Add any recommendations  of action we should include in the report. Tell us why, where, what and who should do it.

Comments, queries, missing names, extra photos and recommendations  will all contribute to the final report  which we plan to print in late February.

An international meeting is then planned  for late March to  bring results together with those from other countries and pull together recommendations and actions which apply internationally, especially with regard to implementing new marine law the MSFD.


NB  – Watch  out for wider  news update later this week.

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