Coastwatch activity this week

This week is busy in Coastwatch …

Monday 6th  Rush  North Dublin: exciting finds of young bootlace worms (Lineus longissimus). This is the longest species of worm and non were found on shore searches here in the last 5 years. Now 3 knotted coiled up worm babies only a meter long were spotted on the low shore. This wide wave cut platform was buzzing like a cross between winkle nursery and train station of fish and dogwhelks huddled together and  their skittle eggs lined up under rocks,  four species of crab including tiny hairy crabs.

This was  part of an annual teacher in-service training  week,  organised by Des Gaffney, where Karin Dubsky is part of the training team. Jackie Casserly  Coastwatch youth branch took Citclops water colour and transparency records and took photos.

Tue 7th – The water transparency, colour and temperature map project gets a boost as Dun Laoghaire Sailing regatta participants are taking forms to complete on their next outing.

Wed 8th – presentation to the Dail  committee on Ireland’s  First multiannual strategic Aquaculture plan  6.30 til 8.30 session

Thursday 9th –  meeting with Commissioner Vella in the Marine Institute Galway

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