Coastwatch Survey 2012 — 25th Anniversary

[h4][focus_color]Coastwatch Survey[/focus_color] 2012[/h4]

What’s involved: walking a chosen piece of coast – we call it ‘‘survey unit‘ – once around low tide, eyes peeled for lots of information set out in the questionnaire and noting down your observations. Water quality tests may be used to check out the quality of streams and other inflows. Information you gather is posted back or submitted online. A survey unit is a stretch of shore approx. 500m long as measured along mean high tide mark. The width covers the sea shore from start of hinterland (dry land) down to shallow water when the tide is out.



Guide Notes to the Survey and Tide Table

Download guide notes.

Check tide table here.



Conduct Survey

Download the Coastwatch Survey Form 2013, print and take with you to complete while on the shore.



After your Survey

Either post the form to us, or enter the data online at Coastwatch Survey Form 2013.


Map data (Google Earth)

You will need Google Earth in order to locate your survey area and it’s survey code. It should only take 2 or 3 minutes to download and install. Having this information will make a huge difference. After downloading Google Earth, please follow the second link below to the Coastwatch Survey 2012 page. Please do give it a try. Thank you!


If you don’t have Google Earth you can download it here, then download the Coastwatch Survey Units here. However, if you are going to take on a 5km block, download the Coastwatch Survey Blocks here.


Explanation and Notes to Google Earth:

Google Earth Instructions


Taking and sharing photos and videos

Explanation to sharing photos/video:

Panoramio Instructions

Ubipix Instructions


Upload pictures with map coordinates here.

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