Coastwatch survey update!

Dear all who booked their survey sites,

There is loads of fantastic information now in! Including the location of a new sea grass bed, a dead leather backed turtle, amazingly strange rubbish, beautiful photos of shores, and details like peacock worms and birds.

Those who have surveyed and inputted data online: Thanks a million!!!! Could you please check that your survey area is now green on the Coastwatch map. If you’ve entered data within the last 24 hours and it is not green, please contact us.

 Those who posted us survey forms: You should have received a thank you email. If you haven’t, please tell us so we can make sure it’s with us. We are still inputting data, so it might just not yet been inputted.

Those who did surveys, but may have forgot to input themCould you please input your results ASAP by following this link –

Also, if you have photos we have just got confirmation of a wonderful exhibition venue, please send your pictures to with a photo title, your name, area name/ code. As in previous years, the understanding is that photos with full acknowledgement of the photographer can be used for both exhibition and report. We will not use your photos for other purposes unless agreed upon with you.

Those who booked survey units but didn’t go out yet: The last chance is NOW! We will be inputting data and cleaning things up and starting analyses starting Monday, so you can still be included if we have your data by Monday at noon!

Anyone who would like to add to the arsenal of sites:  We still have hard copy forms with posters and test kits at Trinity College and also with our regional coordinators that are available for pickup, too late for posting now.

We want to thank everyone that has been involved with the 2015 Coastwatch Survey! Next week we will be sending out a formal invitation to all involved to the exhibition of your work and launch at the Dublin City Council with the Lord Mayor of Dublin Críona Ní Dhálaigh for the 14th of December from 10 AM.

Thanks again and hoping to see lots of you,

The Coastwatch Team

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