Comment on Draft Republic of Ireland Regional Waste Management Plans 2015 – 2021

Hi Coastwatchers

There is a chance to comment on plans for regional waste management in Ireland for the next 6 years. These plans will be legally binding like county development plans and hence really important.

One Coastwatch leg is always stuck in waste – from surveying., reporting to halting and even causing removal after illegal disposal, as well as finding good waste prevention and management solutions – think of our previous successful plastic shopping bag lobby and a number of court cases on illegal dumps and infills.

So here are some requests and suggestions to choose from ..

1. If you have looked at a plan and already made comments – would you share them please?

2. Read the plan for your region to at least be aware. As there is a lot of paper I would just read the introduction, executive summary and section(s) which you fancy from the content page.

The three regional plans can be downloaded by following these links

EAST AND MIDLANDS REGION: ( see end of this mail for more info how it pans out as example)


Connaught and ULSTER

3. Make a submission on the draft waste management plans The problem is – consultation ends in 3 days time evening of Jan 30th . If this is the first you heard of it, I would start my comment with that and suggest how consultations could be made more high profile. If you did provide even the shortest feedback direct to the lead authority for the plan relevant to you, or to Coastwatch or both, even on one section where you have ideas or expertise that could be really valuable.

4. React to a short draft Coastwatch submission which will be produced Wed 28th by 3 pm. If you want to do that or just see it please email me and ask to be included on the list of those interested.

To give you a flavour each plan has a number of document downloads. This set is for the East and Midlands plan and the feedback in this case goes to Dublin city for the region.

· Eastern & Midlands Waste Region Draft Waste Management Plan

· Executive Summary

· Eastern & Midlands Waste Region SEA Environmental Report Part A

· Eastern & Midlands Waste Region SEA Environmental Report Part B

· Natura Impact Report

· SEA Environmental Report – Non Technical Summary

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