International Biodiversity Day 2014- Coastwatch posters

They Saw Seashells on the Seashore

And then it became a Coastwatch Poster


International Biodiversity Day 2014 has an island biodiversity theme – see . Coastwatchers went on a fieldtrip taking in Ringsend, Bull island and Malahide shores on May 20th and 22nd with a group taking the ‘ Biodiversity of Molluscs’ theme. They searched for live cockles, mussels and winkles, saw seashells where the original owner had long died but now occupied by hermit crabs in rock pools and then collected shells swept up on the shore. The shells were photographed by Meghan Taylor and after quick identification by Karin Dubsky and Stephanie Fox, they were set into two draft posters – 1. Sea snail shells – limpets and gastropods with one shell and 2. Shells of molluscs who have two shells – the Bivalves.

Now these two DRAFT Coastwatch Shell posters are to be tested by you and added to.

biodiversity shells draft bivalve

biodiversity gastropods draft poster

Please give us your feedback on quality of pictures and any further finds with pictures which you might donate for use by June 2nd.

We will then put up the final posters.

If sponsorship is raised print them with short descriptions for use and some mollusc facts. Look at this one which is most exciting : Coastwatcher Dave Tilly found a very large very old live native oyster in Dublin Bay. Officially this valuable species has been locally extinct for decades.

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