National Aquarium Galway Sat 25th July 2015

More results for the island of Ireland Coastwatch 2014 shore survey  are ready now to be launched in the National Aquarium Galway Sat  25th July 2015

The WASTE AND LITTER ON OUR SHORES  report  covers 601 survey units (500m length of coast)  and litter counts for 2433 survey sections, of 100m length. This represents  ~ 4% of accessible island of Ireland shore.  Volunteers from counties Fingal, Kerry, Wexford, Waterford, Antrim, Down and Dublin returned > 50 survey sites each, with smaller areas covered in other counties.

Four results papers with priority topics have been drafted as discussion papers and to serve in follow up work, These are:  Water, Erosion and now Waste and Litter (all on line) and leaving the best until last – Biodiversity (to be launched in August).  After final edit they will be collated and published in the first week of  September 2015 in time for the international Coastwatch meeting hosted by Portugal.

Coastwatchers please look at these on our  website (some hard copies are also available) and make any correction, edit or comment suggestions by August 16th .

Also tell us of  any follow up action taken, or photos we should include,  in the final published report.



The Coastwatch Team

June 2015

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